Construction: Saturday 13th September 2008

It's that time of the month once again, the 13th, meaning THORPE PARK has once again released a new, rather cryptic, video. The whole video is centered around a statement issued by Peter Ronchetti, the parks Divisional Director. The statement reads as follows:

On the 13th of August, a shocking development was made on the development site of Thorpes new roller coaster, involving a metallic box, and the disappearance of blue prints for the ride. The source and the contents of the box is currently unknown, but an internal investigation was immediately implemented. We cannot disclose details of the device activated when the box was opened, however a number of items were found inside, a key, a photo of an unknown individual, and this note:

You have until the 13th of October to prepare yourself until I pull back the curtain and reveal the nightmare. Your time is running out.

See the video for yourself on the parks official YouTube account