About Saw - The Ride

Get set for 2009, as Thorpe Park gets ready to unleash their ultimate new scream machine, Saw - The Ride, a100ft, beyond vertical drop Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter roller-coaster. Situated in Canada Creek, this will be one of the parks grimmest attractions yet. Complete with dark sections, based around the popular Saw movie's who knows what surprises may lurk inside.

Riders will begin in the station building, where the car will then move forwards and plummet down a vertical drop, and to then proceed to spiral down further into the building, turn after turn, dodging obstacles before entering a Zero-G roll and coast out the building. The car will then position itself to climb the 100ft (30m) vertical lift hill, before cresting and plummeting riders down the 100 degree drop, reaching speeds of over 50mph. Narrowly missing theming (known as the 'head chopper' effect) riders are then swept into a Immelmann loop, round turns, over airtime hills and then climaxing with the final inversion, a dive loop, before cruising back on into the station.

Weird Fun Facts